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Physical changes will place boundaries on our behavior that can stress our minds. Movement may slow and the pace of life itself can change our views of things pretty fast. Then some people may realize they are the sum of their past. That old injury may surface pain again, and a host of thoughts about past decisions begin to form feelings. Illness, it is inescapable.

It surprised me that Joel Furman, MD of the eat to live philosophy believes that the body can soon replenish itself from years of self neglect. I think essentially its true enough. In the sense that any improvement that includes essential nutrients could make us healthier.

His lecture caused me to think that this belief is connected to a change in thinking. Going from eat to live from living to eat is much like a patient I met that we’ll call Jo. Certainly one of the kindest people I ever knew.

When I met Jo she had five heart attacks and was at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, New Jersey. She was around 450 lbs. Then she went to a nursing home and was my patient for 2 yrs. at 250 lbs. Recurrent heart attacks stopped and she went home under the CCPED program. Home she reduced to around 230 lbs. While home it was realized the years of weight placed so much pressure on her organs that they were crushing. After a painful period she died at Colombia Presbyterian.

The way her life was she became heartbroken over a divorce and the situation that involved that challenge. It may have been grief or just life taking a toll. A way has to be found out of these feelings, and we have to find strength to move on forward. In this way we can live another day and recover. Psychotherapy can help.

In cardiology aftercare the patient often struggles with recurring stressors that caused open heart surgery. A decision must be made to stop it and turn it around. This change requires social support and education both can contribute to extending life possibly making it more enjoyable with more energy. Depression can overwhelm even the strongest person.

Turn Around Life Events.. Cardiology Encounters Mental Health

The Course of Life in Cardiac Disease

Our Medicare Support Services Mental Health & Psychotherapy Service offers to seniors, seniors families, adults, disabled, counseling & psychiatric assessment and social support assessment.

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A good practice is to use the support at hand, and that can mean your local visiting nurse service. This is an all important resource found in most phone books and I would highly encourage it.

Emotional depression and consistent anxiety must be screened before a cardiac hosp. And families, friends should tell the doctor, nurse,social worker.

If you have ongoing mental health issues your internal medicine doctor or psychiatrist should be screening you for cardiac disease. This should be a priority.

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